Boyce Family History
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Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyce, Ernest Joseph  19 Aug 1900Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I33 Boyce Genealogy 
2 Boyce, Patrick Francis  10 Oct 1893Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I30 Boyce Genealogy 
3 Boyce, Robert (Thomas)  19 Dec 1888Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I28 Boyce Genealogy 
4 Boyce, Theresa Ellen  08 Nov 1865Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I7 Boyce Genealogy 
5 Creamer, Alice  1868Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I157 Boyce Genealogy 
6 Creamer, Catherine Alice  17 Apr 1861Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I24 Boyce Genealogy 
7 Creamer, Hannah  1856Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I158 Boyce Genealogy 
8 Creamer, Henry  1860Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I172 Boyce Genealogy 
9 Creamer, Margaret  08 Mar 1864Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I275 Boyce Genealogy 
10 Creamer, Martin  1857Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I156 Boyce Genealogy 
11 Creamer, Mary  1866Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I161 Boyce Genealogy 
12 Devitt, Martha Theresa  16 Dec 1888Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I180 Boyce Genealogy 
13 Goodger, Alfred John  1859Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I298 Boyce Genealogy 
14 Goodger, John William  1889Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I132 Boyce Genealogy 
15 Ryan, John Patrick  1862Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I211 Boyce Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyce, George Henry  10 Apr 1888Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I25 Boyce Genealogy 
2 Creamer, Alice  30 Oct 1869Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I157 Boyce Genealogy 
3 Creamer, Hannah  23 Oct 1869Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I158 Boyce Genealogy 
4 Creamer, Henry  04 Jan 1934Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I172 Boyce Genealogy 
5 Creamer, John  25 Oct 1887Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I155 Boyce Genealogy 
6 Creamer, Martin  06 Nov 1869Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I156 Boyce Genealogy 
7 Creamer, Mary  24 Apr 1867Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I161 Boyce Genealogy 
8 Crotty, Mary Jane  03 Jul 1945Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I171 Boyce Genealogy 
9 Devitt, William George  30 May 1969Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I149 Boyce Genealogy 
10 Goodger, John William  03 Aug 1949Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I132 Boyce Genealogy 
11 Kean, Margaret  11 Jun 1907Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia I267 Boyce Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Boyce / Creamer  06 Jun 1880Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia F3 Boyce Genealogy 
2 Charles / Creamer  29 Apr 1889Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia F78 Boyce Genealogy